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Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

Risk & Vulnerability Assessments


Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

The most important step that any event venue needs to take to elevate their security posture is to begin by understanding where and how they are vulnerable to an act of terrorism. Whether a large stadium, school, concert or festival location, or other sporting or performance venue, you first need to have a comprehensive Risk and Vulnerability Assessment completed of the venue on both non-event and event days.  Our experience in securing major sporting and performance events in North America and Europe at the highest levels provides our clients with the expertise necessary to overcome complex challenges that exist in today’s world. By taking the time to identify and understand where the highest levels of vulnerability exist, a detailed plan to mitigate those risks can be effectively tailored to meet any client’s needs. Taking the reasonable steps necessary to provide a safe event that protects patrons, players/performers, staff and the venue site is essential in protecting your brand, deterring an attack, and minimizing potential liability.

Our process examines a number of areas to include:

  • Non-Event Day Security Operations

  • Primary and Secondary Perimeters

  • Lockdown Procedures

  • Metal Detection

  • Explosive Detection

  • Vehicle Screening Protocols

  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)

  • Patron Access Control and Screening

  • Integrated Operations Center (IOC)

  • Protocols for Threat Assessment

  • CCTV coverage and placement

  • Credentialing

  • Emergency Plans

  • Coordination with Law Enforcement

  • Social Media Intelligence

  • Event Staffing

  • Signage

  • Training

  • Delivery Security Protocols

  • Team/Performer Security Procedures

  • Crisis Management Communications

  • Non-Event and Event Day Access Control Systems

  • Package and Parcel Screening and Mitigation

  • Explosive Odor-Tracking K9 Teams

At the conclusion of the comprehensive Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, we provide the client with a detailed report that prioritizes areas of risk and provides specific recommendations to mitigate the identified risk. The client walks away with a written roadmap for success in planning and executing all future events occurring at their venue. If requested, we also help the client implement the mitigation recommendations and assist in developing a campus security plan for their school or business campus.

Finally, we are available to come back and conduct unannounced assessments or Red Teaming of compliance with the Best Practices recommendations presented during the initial assessment to ensure that through rigorous follow-up and review, we are maintaining the safest environment possible in which to hold a mass gathering event.