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Game Integrity Program


Game Integrity Program

Nothing is more important in protecting a league, conference, or sport brand than ensuring the integrity of the game. For a sport to thrive, the fans watching must know that the result is decided by the players on the field, not outside influences seeking a predetermined result. Over the course of history in many sports, we have seen the integrity of the game compromised when individuals have been influenced to collude with criminal or gambling interests to fix an outcome or shave points.  We can point to examples across the globe in professional baseball, basketball, college basketball, European football, tennis, cricket and more.

How can a league or conference better guard against an integrity scandal threatening its brand? We have developed a comprehensive Game Integrity Program that utilizes a multi-layered approach to deter potential wrongdoing while also identifying early warning signs of potential misconduct before it escalates to a point where the reputation of the entity is threatened in a significant way.  Our program focuses on all of the individuals that can impact the outcome of an athletic contest in one way or another by systematically addressing the points where this could occur. We focus on officials, employees, independent contractors, staff, coaches and athletic directors in monitoring the entire process in our efforts to prevent misconduct and protect fair competition on the playing field. We analyze many areas, including: background screening, policy review, employee classification, enhanced gambling monitoring, social media intelligence, technical countermeasures, education and training, and independent investigations of misconduct violations.

Our clients include major collegiate conferences where we monitor all football and men’s basketball contests.